Learning Sustainability with Extension Forestry Program

Tom Worthley of UConn Extension’s Forestry Program spent Tuesday, October 1st at Crescent Lake in Southington teaching agricultural education students from Southington High School about forestry management. Crescent Lake has experienced problems with the invasive insect emerald ash borer. Worthley felled a damaged ash tree on Tuesday and used a portable sawmill to make lumber.

forestry1 copy
Worthley speaking to students.

Students from Southington’s Agricultural Education program learned about sustainability and environmental factors. Additionally, they saw how a professional forester takes down a dead or damaged tree. The students will be using the lumber in their classes to put value back into the community, and have discussed building bat boxes. They will have about 500 board feet of lumber from the tree.

Worthley notes that taking down dead or damaged ash trees will promote the growth of maple trees.  The Ash was in bad shape from storms and was going to be lost anyway – felling the tree now gives the value of the lumber back to the community.

For more information on the UConn Extension Forestry program, please visit us online or call 860-345-5232.