House Sparrows

By Carol Quish for UConn Extension

Photo: Illinois Extension


IMG_0622Recently we’ve received quite a few questions about house sparrows nesting in inappropriate places, such as under awnings or in the rafters of a porch. Our experts at the UConn Home and Garden Education Center offer the following advice.


House sparrows are non-native birds to the U.S. and create quite a problem of displacing native birds. House sparrows are aggressive towards other nesting birds, often breaking eggs and killing the nestling young birds of many other species. They are not a welcome invader.


House sparrows will make a nest where they can find a horizontal, protected site. They raise between two to four clutches of eggs to hatchlings per year. To stop them from nesting in a particular site, consistent removal of all nesting material at least once per day will discourage them. They are stubborn birds that will continue to set up nests if they have found a good location. Keep a broom handy to brush away out of reach nest erections. You can also try putting up alternative housing in the form of birdhouses placed nearby. Although this may increase the numbers of these nuisance birds in you location over the long run.