UConn Extension’s Work With Climate Smart Agriculture

UConn Extension is dedicated to continuing to push Climate Smart Agriculture forward. Through workshops Extensionyoung lettuce plants in trays reaches farmers throughout Connecticut on how to farm for a sustainable future and keep them up to date on new improvements within agriculture. UConn Extension’s Solid Ground provides programs like the Climate Smart Adaptation Strategies for Beginning Farmers. Allowing incoming farmers to learn environmentally friendly ways to grow their crops and raise their livestock. Our Educators and Specialists work on important research, like Shuresh Ghimire’s work on Biodegradable Plastic Mulch, and how it permits growers in the state to find alternatives to plastic mulch without eliminating the benefits it brings. While working with organizations like SARE and USDA projects like improving efficiency with dairy- beef crosses and sustainable management of crop lands and forest push forward research in these fields. There is even research being done with nutrient management, with applying fertilizer and spreading manure on fields, as to not over apply on the fields which can run off and affect the surrounding environment.


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