COVID-19 Resources

people standing in line at mobile vaccine clinic hosted by UConn Health

UConn Extension has curated the following resources for our audiences in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

For more information from the University, visit the COVID-19 update page. For health information please visit the CDC.

UConn Extension is here to support you by continuing to provide science-based information and resources that you expect during these challenging times. Extension educators are still working and available to assist you.

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Are you keeping Your Hands Clean? / Estas Manteniendo Tus Manos Limpias?

hand washing

Are You Keeping Your Hands Clean? / Estas Manteniendo Tus Manos Limpias?

Keeping your hands clean is a good way to keep germs away. Make sure you are washing your hands effectively and are scrubbing every part! has published a graphic that details parts of our hands we often miss when handwashing. To view click here.

Manteniendo sus manos limpias es una buena forma de mantener alejados los gérmenes. Asegúrese de lavarse las manos de manera eficaz, tallando todas las partes. a publicado un gráfico que enseña partes que muchas veces no so talladas. Para verlo haga clic aqui. 





Avoiding Scammers

road signs that say scamAvoiding Scammers

This information is courtesy of Alabama Extension.

As cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) accelerate, scammers are looking for ways to take advantage of the fears surrounding this widespread illness.

Read the article.

Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting Immunity informationIt's important to stay healthy! Here are some helpful tips for boosting your immune system, from senior Nutritional Sciences major Dea Ziso! View the poster.

Caring for Electronics

boy with iPadElectronics may carry germs that pose risks to your health. Minimize your health risks by following these practices: Before cleaning any device, wash your hands. Apply clean water and soap to your hands. Scrub the back and front of your hands, in between your fingers, and underneath your fingernails for 20 seconds. Rinse your hands and dry with a clean towel. Make an effort to keep electronics clean and to use them on clean surfaces – desktops, tables, countertops, etc. Cell phones can become contaminated with germs, dirt, and oil. Avoid holding your cell phone against your face. Download the fact sheet.

COVID-19 Information & Resources

hand holding a card that says resourcesCOVID-19 Information & Resources

CoronaVIrus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory virus that spreads through respiratory droplets. These droplets are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes; they are inhaled or ingested by non-infected individuals who then become infected with the virus. There is no existing vaccine against COVID-19. The best way to not get sick is to practice prevention. Hand washing, social distancing, and more information is available here. There are additional resources available from the CDC.

COVID-19 and Pets

fluffy dog smiling at the cameraCOVID-19 and Pets

A message from CDC: There is no reason at this time to think that any animals, including pets, in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. To date, CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States.

COVID-19 and Animals: Is Coronavirus a Concern for Pets?

How to Stay Healthy Around Pets

COVID-19 Vaccine

covid bannerCOVID-19 Vaccine

The impact of COVID-19 on our lives, our activities, and our freedom has affected us all. The responsibility is ours, as a community, to help stop this virus. Now we have a new, safe, and effective tool to help us do that—COVID-19 vaccines.

Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Want to learn? Click here for more information.


Dairy Foods Outreach

UConn 4-H volunteer carrying Cabot productsOur UConn 4-H program coordinated with dairy cooperatives, 4-H members and volunteers, and the UConn Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program to have dairy products donated and delivered to food pantries statewide. These products are helping feed families in need throughout the state. We've had two days of dairy donations and deliveries and our efforts will continue. To date, our team has helped distribute 1440 half gallons of milk (720 gallons) and 28,000 pounds of yogurt and sour cream so far, and another 7,200 half gallons Monday (3,600 gallons).

Watch the video.

Family and Food Resources from UConn EFNEP

avoiding coronavirus scams flyer

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) helps families learn about healthy eating, shopping on a budget, cooking and physical activity. EFNEP staff strive to empower participants, providing knowledge and skills to improve the health of all family members. Participants learn through doing, with cooking, physical activity and supportive discussions about nutrition and healthy habits.

Olivia Knight and Yutin Zhao, our students, have been creating flyers and information related to keeping your family healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Resources on our page can be downloaded or printed by clicking on the image. Visit the page.

Food Safety Resources

radishes in a person's hand with the words food safety on the photoFood Safety Resources

As we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in our community, we at UConn Extension are trying our best to bring you the most updated information from across the country for safe production at your farm operations.
Here are some links to info-sheets related to coronavirus for Farmers Markets, Food Banks, U-Pick Farms, Grocery Stores and Food Services. Access all of the resources.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers

How do you keep your high touch surfaces clean? We explain the best way to disinfect, and all of the surfaces you should consider.

Infection Prevention Action Steps

Infection Prevention Action Steps

Our UConn 4-H team developed the following fact sheet for 4-H youth during public health emergencies. The action steps can be used by any family, group, or organization.

View the fact sheet.

Managing Stress – You and Your Families


stress spelled out with scrabble piecesManaging Stress - You and Your Families

In this challenging time, we need to take care of each other and especially ourselves. Self-care is important to our physical and mental health. We all deserve self-care, especially now. Please consider these resources on coping with stress and talking to your children. View the resources.

UConn Today also posted this article: Coping with COVID? Mastering Social (But Not Emotional) Distancing

Mapping the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Esri story map of Coronavirus outbreakMapping the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

The maps and charts in this story are updated daily. For guidelines on coronavirus prevention and mitigation, please visit the CDC.

In just three months, the novel coronavirus has spread to more than 180,000 people around the globe, led to over 7,000 fatalities, and disrupted the lives of millions, according to official and unofficial statistics compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. View the story map. View country, and state specific data here.

Recommended Cleaning Agents to Kill Coronavirus In Your Home

two rolls of paper towelsYour kitchen cabinet may be stocked with adequate cleaning agents to kill Coronaviruses, but you need to be careful as not all chemicals will work. Each disinfecting chemical product has its own specific instructions. An important rule is that you should not immediately wipe a cleaning solution off as soon as you have sprayed it on a surface. It needs to sit for a specified period of time (specific to each product) to kill viruses first.

Read more.

Running Essential Errands

credit card being swipedThis information is courtesy of the CDC and available in multiple languages.

Grocery Shopping, Take-Out, Banking, Getting Gas, and Doctor Visits.

As communities across the United States take steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting close contact, people are facing new challenges and questions about how to meet basic household needs, such as buying groceries and medicine, and completing banking activities. The following information provides advice about how to meet these household needs in a safe and healthy manner. Read more.

Trails and Parks

social distancing in parks and trails infographicTrails and Parks

Going to a park or a trail is an option during COVID-19. Just remember to practice social distancing. Use this infographic as a guideline. Read more information on trail use.

Find a trail.

Wipes Clog Pipes

two rolls of paper towelsWipes Clog Pipes!

Do not flush disinfecting wipes or paper towels down the toilet - they will clog pipes. Throw them in the trash instead. Read more.

Using Disinfectants and Wipes Against COVID-19:NPIC

COVID Infographic NPICUsing Disinfectants and Wipes Against COVID-19

A printable pdf is available at covid-infographic-NPIC


Using Disinfectants and Wipes Against COVID-19: NPIC

A printable pdf is available at:


COVID Infographic NPIC

Agentes de Limpieza Recomendados Para Matar el Coronavirus en su Hogar

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a home

Con la pandemia, es muy importante desinfectar productos y superficies con desinfectantes y métodos eficientes. Vea el documento para obtener mas información sobre guias generales y agentes de limpieza recomendados para matar el Coronavirus en su hogar.

Agentes de Limpieza Recomendados Para Matar el Coronavirus en su Hogar

Between Jobs: Moving Forward Following Unemployment

dollar billsBetween Jobs: Moving Forward Following Unemployment

Losing a job can be one of life’s most stressful events. It is not unusual for people who have recently become unemployed to experience several different emotions associated with this loss. Once you are over the initial shock, you will need to begin adjusting to this new reality. Though it is a difficult situation to accept, there are things that can be done to reduce the stress of job loss and begin to prepare for the future.

Download the fact sheet.

Cleaning and Disinfecting High Touch Surfaces

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a homeCleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces is more important than ever. We curated a variety of resources to help you keep your high touch surfaces clean and protecting your health. Click here to view.

COVID Information from CDC



Help Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19. Here are some helpful informational guides from the CDC:

Protect Yourself and Others From COVID

Slow the Spread

Do it for Yourself and Your Friend

Safety Steps - Aquatic Venues

Wear a Face Covering

COVID-19 Risk Chart

covid 19 risk chartCOVID-19 Risk Chart

What activities put you more at risk of getting COVID-19?

The Texas Medical Association has created a chart ranking activities from low to high risk.

Click here to view the chart.

Critical Information About Safe Disinfectant Use Provided by the EPA

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a homeChemicals in disinfecting products can create toxic acids or gases if not handled correctly. When disinfecting, rules must also be followed to ensure the best effectiveness of the product.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed the following guidelines to ensure the safe use of EPA-registered surface disinfectants:

  • Always follow the product’s directions
  • Never apply the product to yourself or others. Do not ingest disinfectant products. This includes never applying any product on List N (the agency’s list of disinfectants to use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) directly to food.
  • Never mix products unless specified in the use directions. Certain combinations of chemicals will create highly toxic acids or gases.
  • Wash the surface with soap and water before applying disinfectant products if the label mentions pre-cleaning.
  • Follow the contact time listed for your product on List N. This is the amount of time the surface must remain visibly wet to ensure efficacy against the virus. It can sometimes be several minutes.
  • Wash your hands after using a disinfectant. This will minimize your exposure to the chemicals in the disinfectant and the pathogen you are trying to kill.

Emergency Food Resources


vegetables in traysEmergency Food Resources

Food access can be challenging. The state has a list of town locations where children under the age of 18 can get resources. Download the list of towns or the list of school districts. There are also mobile pantries available - here is the list. You can see the Connecticut Food Bank schedule here.

View the list Fairfield County emergency food resources list.

View the New Haven County emergency food resources list.

Other resources include a texting tool for the mobile Foodshare schedule. For up-to-date information on the Mobile Foodshare schedules and cancelations please enroll: Text FOODSHARE to 85511 and follow the prompts. All prompts must be answered before enrollment is complete. Foodshare is also working with their partner programs and 211 to update community programs hours and availability.

Food and Cooking Resources During COVID-19


boy squeezing limeFood and Cooking Resources During COVID-19

Do you have questions about what food products to have on hand, finding health recipes, keeping food safe, or cooking with your kids? Use the following resources to find healthy recipes, information and more.

Download the list.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Have you been thinking about starting your own vegetable garden while staying home and staying healthy? Now is the perfect time to select some seeds or starter plants and get started. See all of the resources at:

Healthy Family Connecticut

kids with greensThe Healthy Family Connecticut website has resources from three projects that offer communication and outreach on nutrition and healthy families. Materials and classes are offered in English and Spanish. The goal is to improve family dietary quality and energy balance in families. Visit the website.

Is Your State Reopening? Know the Rules!

State reopening rules ad

Map of Open Farms and Farm Stands

map of open farms and farm stands in Connecticut

Map of Open Farms and Farm Stands

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CT Northeast Organic Farming Association has partnered with the CT Dept of Agriculture to expand the list of farms, farmers' markets, and farm stands beyond the current CT NOFA membership - free of charge and online. It is a joint effort to promote the availability of all Connecticut farmers who can provide food and other farm products in this time of crisis. Note: Read all signs and use caution when visiting farms, markets, and grocery stores and be sure to stay away from all food establishment if you feel sick. View the interactive map.

Poultry Guidance for Backyard Farmers and Biosecurity.

rooster at UConn facility

With the pandemic, it is important to make adjustments to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and protect public health and product safety.

View the attached resources on poultry guidance and learn more about the best practices and protocols when handling backyard poultry and for biosecurity.

COVID-19 Guidance for Handling Bird and Backyard Flocks: Backyard Poultry Guidance

COVID-19 Guidance and Fact Sheet for Poultry Biosecurity: Poultry Biosecurity Guidance

Request for Personal Protective Equipment

Florida National Guard members putting personal protective equipment onRequest for Personal Protective Equipment

At the direction of Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the State of Connecticut has activated a framework for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection that are utilized by people providing healthcare services.

Members of the public, businesses, and philanthropic organizations that are able to donate these vital materials are urged to contact the state by filling out the online form located at

Stay Safe and Healthy in Your Home

family in front of a houseStay Safe and Healthy in Your Home Using CDC Guidelines

We are all doing our best to stay safe and healthy during COVID-19. We recommend using these guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help keep you, your family, and home healthy and safe.

View all of the tips.

What To Do If You Are Sick

blue circle with hand holding thermometer - photo is from the CDCThe CDC states: If you have a fever or cough, you might have COVID-19. Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Read more.

Work-Life Health and Wellness


hydrangea plantWork-Life Health and Wellness

The Department of Human Resources at UConn offers work-life health and wellness resources that are valuable to anyone during this challenging time.

View the website.

6 Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Use

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a homeDisinfecting surfaces and products can help reduce the spread of the virus. It's very important to select the best products and to follow directions for ultimate effectiveness.

Here are 6 Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Use that can help: EPA Disinfectants

Information for Businesses

aerial of new haven

Business Resources logoBusiness Resources

We are compiling resources for State of Connecticut Businesses. This is a clearinghouse of resources, not an official site. Please refer to the state resources on our list for official and legal guidance. View all resources.

A listing of economic assistance programs is also available.

CARES Resources for Small Businesses

Governor logo or seal state of ConnecticutCARES Resources for Small Businesses

Senator Murphy suggests if business or nonprofit owners/CEOs have questions about what they qualify for or help with the applications, they can reach out to any of these offices for assistance

CT DECD Recovery Bridge Loan Program

Connecticut state flagCT DECD Recovery Bridge Loan Program

The state of Connecticut has set up a website with information for small businesses and non-profits to secure a loan. This is to provide emergency cash flow relief to small businesses and nonprofits negatively impacted by the coronavirus. Connecticut is now offering qualifying organizations with 100 or fewer employees access to no-interest loans.

Under the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan program, a qualifying business or nonprofit organization can apply for a loan of up to $75,000 or three months of operating expenses (whichever is lesser).

All of the information can be found at

Equine Business Guidelines

horses in early morning light at UConn

Equine Business Guidelines

Connecticut Department of Agriculture: Equine COVID Guidance

Essential Equine During a Pandemic - Frequently Asked Questions

Essential versus Nonessential Equine Care During a Pandemic

Personal Preparedness Plan for Equine Owners

CT Horse Neighbors Facebook page, horse neighbors helping neighbors

CT Horse Council - can help you get the help you need

Other links for help from CT Statewide Animal Response Team

United Horse Coalition Resources for Horse Owners


dollar billsCoronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act

US Chamber of Commerce CARES Guide

US Senate Committee CARES Guide

Health Department Permits

vegetables in a wheelbarrow in a greenhouse

Health Department Permits for On-Farm or Direct Sales

If you are considering direct sales via farm stands or markets, there is guidance that applies to any farm. An important step in the approval process is to contact your local health department or district.

Read the full post and access the list.

Information for Farmers

oyster boat in Long Island Sound Peter Massini photo

COVID-19 Vaccination Interest Form: CT Farms

covid bannerThe Connecticut Department of Agriculture, in coordination with Department of Labor and Department of Public Health, is working to expand vaccination availability for farmworkers by arranging on-farm or centrally located vaccination clinics.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please visit
This form will stop accepting responses at 5 p.m. on May 10, 2021.

COVID-19 Farm Worker Resources

COVID-19 coronavirusFarm Worker Resources

Want to learn more about the virus, how to create a safe workplace, and much more? The Connecticut River Valley Farmworker Health Program has a page full of farmworker resources! To visit the page click here.

Want to get tested? Click here to view a list of locations that offer COVID testing.

Farm Bureau Virtual Town Hall Meeting

view of raspberry farm in North Windham

Farm Bureau Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Farm Bureau hosted a virtual town hall meeting for farmers on Monday, March 23, 2020 with the Department of Agriculture, USDA Farm Service Agency and Extension. You can watch the recording of the town hall here.

Farms and On-Farm Deliveries

cows in pasture

Farms and On-Farm Deliveries

The following information was prepared by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture recommends farms adhere to the following guidance to limit exposure and risk related to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). As always, it is critical to practice biosecurity for the safety of animals and the public. It is now critical to also consider ways to limit person-to-person contact and congregate in settings of no more than 10 people while maintaining social distance. Read the recommendations.


Important Information for Aquaculture Farmers


Marc Harrell

Important Information for Aquaculture Farmers

We have curated a list of resources for aquaculture farmers in coordination with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Resources for Aquaculture Farmers

NOAA Suspends Northeast Fishing Monitor Requirement

Resources from the Department of Agriculture


department of agriculture logoResources from the Department of Agriculture

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture has compiled information from various sources for your reference to help support your business and to protect yourself, employees, and consumers. 

For the most up-to-date information from the State of Connecticut on COVID-19, including guidance and other resources, visit General questions can also be answered by calling 2-1-1 for assistance. The hotline is only intended to be used by individuals who are not experiencing symptoms. Anyone experiencing symptoms is strongly urged to contact their medical provider to seek treatment. View all resources.

SBA Relief Program Q & A

SBA powerpoint on relief programs for farmers opening slideUConn Extension hosted a Q&A session with the Small Business Association (SBA) on relief programs available. You can view the powerpoint presentation slides and video of the full presentation.

This powerpoint from SBA does not include updated information that farms are now eligible for EIDL loan, so please disregard info on slides 13 and 19 that say otherwise.

What Dairy Farmers Must Know About COVID-19


Jersey and Holstein heifers looking at camera with red barn in backgroundWhat Dairy Farmers Must Know About COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 events and realities are unprecedented. We are truly seeing history being made that will have an effect on the dairy industry and society as a whole. Hoard's Dairyman provides the following information for dairy farms in English and Spanish. 

Read the article.

Considerations for Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Sungold tomato from White Flower FarmConsiderations for Fruit and Vegetable Growers

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a common concern and many are wondering what they can and should do. The information here is intended to help guide the fruit and vegetable farming community.

Read the full post for all considerations

USDA Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Information and Support for Farmers


Angus beef cattle crazing on horsebarn hill at UConn

COVID-19 Information and Support for Farmers

We have put together COVID-19 resources with the intention to help guide the fruit and vegetable farming community in Connecticut. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Download the guide.

Farmers' market and CSA case studies.

EPA Approves 13 Products from List N as Effective Against SARS-CoV-2

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a homeEPA Approves 13 Products from List N as Effective Against SARS-CoV-2

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that 13 products on List N, EPA's list of products expected to kill SARS-CoV-2, have completed laboratory testing for use specifically against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Read More.

View the List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) here.

Farmers’ Markets and On-Farm Markets

vegetables in traysFarmers' Markets and On-Farm Markets

The following information was prepared by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

Farmers' markets and on-farm markets are encouraged to follow the COVID-19 guidance for farm and distribution preparedness, in addition to the following recommendations developed for farmers' markets.

Read the recommendations.

FSA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP2)

red barn with fence around it

The USDA is providing critical support to our nation’s farmers and ranchers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP2). CFAP 2 provides vital financial assistance to agricultural producers who continue to face market disruptions and associated costs because of COVID-19. The deadline to apply is December 11, 2020.

Click here for more information.



Nursery and Landscape Professionals


Man and his tractor on the fieldNursery and Landscape Professionals

The Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association has guidance for professionals working in these fields, related to COVID-19. President Dustyn Nelson sent out a message to all members of the association.

View the message.

Respiratory Protection Guidance

COVID-19 coronavirus

Respiratory Protection Guidance

The Environmental Protection Agency has released temporary guidance on respiratory protection for agricultural pesticide handlers during COVID-19. Read more.

The following flowchart will help you determine if you are meeting your needs for respiratory protection:

English: Decision Making Tree

Español: árbol de decisiones


For more information on respirators for handling pesticides view: Respirators for Handling Pesticides: Jan Hygnstrom



UConn Soil Testing Lab is Open

spade in dirt with words soil testing on the photoUConn Soil Testing Lab is Open

In light of agriculture (including community gardening) being designated as essential, the UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory will remain open utilizing best practices; social distancing and disinfecting are a high priority. No one will be allowed in the lab but essential personnel. Any soil tests need to be mailed or left in the drop box outside the lab. Anyone needing a soil test should go to  Tests will take longer because they are running on essential lab personnel only.

Recursos Para Agricultores

Cómo Protegerse Contra el Coronavirus

COVID-19 Spanish booklet coverDurante esta pandemia es muy importante saber cómo proteger su salud y la salud de los démas cuando están trabajando en el campo. Para ver este folleto informativo y aprender mas sobre el Coronavirus, los síntomas, y como protegerse presione aquí.

Guía de Protección Respiratoria

COVID-19 coronavirus

Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, es probable que habrá escasez de Equipo de Protección Personal (PPE por sus siglas en inglés). El PPE que figura en la etiqueta del pesticida es el requerido legalmente para los aplicadores de pesticidas. Siempre siga las instrucciones de la etiqueta. Este diagrama de flujo le ayudará a determinar si su protección respiratoria cumple con los requisitos de PPE en las etiquetas.

Para ver el diagrama presione aquí.


Recursos Para Trabajadores

COVID-19 resources from UConn Extension for farmers, families, 4-H youth and Connecticut residentsQuiere aprender más sobre el virus, cómo crear un lugar de trabajo seguro para usted y sus trabajadores y mucho más? El Programa de Salud para Trabajadores Agrícolas de Connecticut River Valley tiene una página de llena de recursos para trabajadores agrícolas. Para visitar la página haga clic aquí.

Quiere hacerse la prueba? Haga clic aquí para ver una lista de ubicaciones que ofrecen pruebas de COVID.


Prueba del COVID-19 Para Trabajadores del Campo

blue circle with hand holding thermometer - photo is from the CDC¿Debo hacerme la prueba?
Si se siente enfermo y cree que tiene síntomas del COVID-19, llame a su doctor o profesional de la salud. Él puede ayudarle a decidir si debe
hacerse la prueba. La prueba del COVID-19 es GRATIS con la Ley de Respuesta al Coronavirus ‘Familias Primero’. Aunque no tenga seguro
médico, la prueba del COVID-19 es GRATIS.

Para ver lugares en Massachusetts y Connecticut que ofrecen la prueba presione aquí.


Agentes de Limpieza Recomendados Para Matar el Coronavirus en su Hogar

hand spraying a bottle of a cleaning/disinfectant solution in a home

Con la pandemia, es muy importante desinfectar productos y superficies con desinfectantes y métodos eficientes. Vea el documento para obtener mas información sobre guias generales y agentes de limpieza recomendados para matar el Coronavirus en su hogar.

Agentes de Limpieza Recomendados Para Matar el Coronavirus en su Hogar

Resources for Youth and Families

two boys eating

4-H Escape Digital Breakouts

4-H Escape Room banner photo4-H Escape Digital Breakouts

What is 4-H Escape all about?

4-H Escape is a library of virtual escape room and puzzle solving activities in which you are challenged to look for clues to unlock your way through a series of scenes and scenarios.

Immerse yourself in a variety of settings and challenges while learning in fun and interactive ways. View the 4-H Escapes available.

4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide


4-H healthy living activity guide4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide

Looking for some easy ways to keep your kids engaged and learning at home? Check out the 4-H #InspireKidstoDo Activity Guide to find 60 hands-on learning activity ideas! Download the activity guide.

Courtesy of National 4-H

Activities to Keep Kids Learning at Home


crayons in a jarActivities to Keep Kids Learning at Home

Our UConn 4-H team curated the following resources to help you keep your kids learning at home, including virtual field trips, STEM activities, and healthy lifestyles.

Download the full list of activities.

Dairy Virtual Field Trip & Nutritional Resources


Jersey and Holstein heifers looking at camera with red barn in backgroundDairy Virtual Field Trip & Nutritional Resources

Have you HERD? Discovery Education has partnered with National Dairy Council and America’s dairy farm families and importers to bring your 5th–8th grade classes behind-the-scenes of the dairy community! Learn more.

Educational Activity: Beach Walk

scallop shells on a Connecticut beachEducational Activity: Beach Walk

Beachcombing along the Connecticut coast can be a fun and healthy educational activity for families eager to get out outdoors while the COVID-19 virus keeps children home from school. Among the many publications available from its website, Connecticut Sea Grant is calling attention to Living Treasures: The Plants and Animals of Long Island Sound, and a series of three pamphlets about seaweeds, shells and beach plants that families can use for easy beach activities.  Learn more.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt


small pine cones on pine tree branchesGo on a Nature Scavenger Hunt!

Get outside with our UConn 4-H team. We have created two nature scavenger hunts for the youth in your family to enjoy. Download Scavenger Hunt One and Scavenger Hunt Two.

Things to do While School is Closed


boy with iPadThings to do While School is Closed

It is time to get creative to find some constructive ways to fill our time. It won’t take long before the board games have been played, the favorite TV shows have been watched and everyone in the house is starting to get cabin fever. In an effort to help you stay focused on something other than COVID-19 and how you are getting bored, our UConn 4-H team is passing along a few sites where you can find hands-on, educational activities to keep your brains exercised. Here are some suggestions.

52 Weeks of Creativity with Crayola

crayons in a jar52 Weeks of Creativity with Crayola

Serve creative challenges to your kids regularly. Enjoy a different creative activity each week with 52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun from Crayola!

Download the list.

Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry: Puppet Workshops

crayons in a jar

Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry: Puppet Workshops

Keep the kids entertained with some arts and crafts!

The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is hosting live puppet workshops on their Facebook page. If you can't attend, videos are still available after on Youtube and Facebook.



UVM 4-H Summer Online Programs


boy with iPad

Activities For Kids

4-H staff in Vermont are offering programs on a variety of topics where youth can meet new friends and try new activities.

View the list of available activities here.

4-H Horse Activities


horse sticking its nose through the fence to greet a person

4-H Horse Activities

4-H horse judging and hippology have been canceled, however you can practice and participate at home. We all have a 4-H horse activity book for youth. Visit our 4-H Horse page for all of the resources.

Children Home from School: Advice for Parents

boy with iPadChildren Home from School: Advice for Parents

The CDC offers advice for parents who have children home from school - advice includes information on their friends, keeping children learning, and staying healthy. Read all of the guidelines.

Virtual Events by The Museum of Boston

snake wormThe Museum of Science in Boston is hosting live virtual events.

Learn more and attend the events.

Make Your Own Mask at Home

COVID-19 coronavirusMake Your Own Mask At Home - 4-H Masks

West Virginia Extension created a video tutorial on making your own mask at home. You can watch it here.

Tips for Parents and Caregivers of Children

boy with iPadTips for Parents and Caregivers of Children

There is a lot you can do to help keep your children safe and healthy. The CDC compiled this list of tips for parents and caregivers of children. Read all of the CDC tips.

4-H Pest or Guest Game

four boxes with 4-H clover that say pest or guest on them

4-H Pest or Guest Game

Therese from our New London County 4-H program made this game using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) curriculum from UConn. Do you know if these insects are a pest or a guest?

COVID-19 Simulation Scratch Activity

boy with iPad

COVID-19 Simulation Scratch Activity

Use Scratch, a kid-friendly program, to create a COVID-19 simulation with bouncing dots. This simulation provides a visual of how the virus spreads through contact. This activity can help kids understand what "social distancing" is and how it is an effective preventable measure.

The activity and directions are available at:

The Secret Clover Quest

folder file with clover

The Secret Clover Quest

Cris Clover needs your help to find his secret clover stash.  As part of our 4-H virtual escape adventure you will journey through a series of rooms, solving a host of puzzles and challenges along the way.  You must successfully solve each puzzle to unlock the door to the next.  There are trivia, iSpy, secret code and word scramble challenges to explore as you work your way through each room on your way to Cris Clover’s secret stash.  Are you ready to navigate your way through this virtual mission?  Cris is counting on you!!”

·        Best suited for players 8-14 years old (open to all ages)

·        Recommend larger screen for best results (some graphics will be hard to see on a phone or small screen)

·        Game Link:

CAHNR COVID-19 Research

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