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UConn Extension’s Historical Transcripts

These are transcripts of interviews with agricultural production, researchers, legislators, and commercial commodity vendors from Connecticut which were conducted in 1999 and 2000 by Luanne Lange, Professional Extension Specialist. Her goal was to record the history of agricultural interests lived by a variety of individuals in the early 20th century pursuant to a transition in Connecticut agriculture from a predominant family farm to the more industrial atmosphere of the 21st century. The actual voice recording cassettes may be found in the UCONN Babbidge Library
Archives Division.  Select a name below to view the interview transcript.

Aho, Bill

Anderson, David

Averill, Heman

Averill, Jean

Barney, David

Brand, John I

Brand, John II

Brand, John III

Block, Alyce

Blum, Jack & Jeane

Borden, Ruth (Hopkins)

Chessmir, Robin

Colgan, Phil

Cowan, Al I

Curtis, Greg

Dougherty, James

Eckert, George

Eliason, Alton

Fellows, Irving

Ferris, Shirley I

Ferris, Shirley II

Gallup, Ben

Gaylord, Jesse

Grant, Don

Grant, Jayne

Gray, Al II

Gray, Al III

Gray, Arlene

Green, Kenneth

Hartikka, Arnold & Phyllis

Hibbard, John



Himmelstein, Meyer

Hindinger Family

Hopkins, Bill

Jensen, Helene

Jensen, Bob

Johnson, Stewart I

Johnson, Stewart II

Jones, Philip (A)

Kersting, Ted

Kibbe, Diurna

Kofkoff, Sam

Loew, Eva

Lyman, Jack

MacLaren, Malcolm

Manning, Lucille I

Manning, Lucille & Oliver II

Manning, Lucille & Oliver III

Niederwerfer, Frank

Nazarko, Bohdan

Okonuk, Joyce

O’Leary, Norma

Olsen, John

Papandrea, Frank

Putnam, Vivian Anderson

Richmond, Truman

Roberts, Preston

Rose, Henry

Ruwet, Joseph & Virginia

Salmon, Clarence I

Salmon, Clarence II

Seaver, Stan

Spencer, Helen II

Staebner, Ernie & Sandy



Stiles, Betsy

Thorpe, Walter I



Thorpe, Walter II



Vasiloff, Mary Jean

Waggoner, Paul

Waldron, Sam

Webb, Cora

Whitham, George

Wood, Clark