Connecting Connecticut

Connecting Connecticut: Our Podcast Answers Your Questions

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Photo: Kara Bonsack

Have you ever asked yourself if it is safe to drink tap water? Or how do I store and handle cheese? Maybe you were wondering what is the best way to put mulch around my tree? All these questions and so many more can be answered looking no further than the UConn Extension program in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. 

Finding this information has never been easier thanks to the restart of the Connecting Connecticut Podcast, a podcast with the goal of informing all Connecticut residents about the opportunities, information and research found within the UConn Extension and our programs. 

Stay tuned for our new Mini-Series: Connecting Connecticut|Sea Grant, take a dive with us into the Connecticut coast and all the work our Sea Grant educators are doing. Taking on climate resilience, improving fishing techniques and exploring the robust shellfishing industry. 

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Connecting Connecticut: A New Podcast from UConn Extension


Land-grant universities have provided communities, organizations, farmers and individuals with practical knowledge rooted in research through the Cooperative Extension System since the passage of the Smith-Lever Act in 1914. Over the last 107 years a lot has changed with our Extension systems. The program has expanded beyond its agricultural production origin to encompass a wide variety of resources ranging from nutrition to environmental issues and technology.

UConn Extension is no exception to this evolution that the Cooperative Extension System has seen. However, one thing has not changed, in more than a century of working with Connecticut residents, producers, and communities; UConn Extension has always been about connection. Across the board, UConn Extension educators and programs strike at the very core of our 169 cities and towns to make each one of them a better place. Connecting Connecticut, our new podcast, showcases each of our programs through the eyes of those impacted by them.

Connecting Connecticut teaches individuals throughout our state about the programs in their communities. By talking to extension educators, volunteers, researchers, and community members each episode dives into the goals and impacts our programs have here in Connecticut. From learning about coastal resilience and the Connecticut Sea Grant program, looking into the impact 4-H has on the state’s youth and communities, to discussing the importance of volunteers across the Constitution State it is our goal to share the work of UConn Extension, and ultimately our impact on Connecticut.

Join us as we hop from Salisbury to Stonington, visit all eight counties, and talk to all of the wonderful people in between that truly make this state great. Our goal to reach every community, people from all walks of life, and strive for a better tomorrow and we have been fulfilling that mission since 1914. We are chronicling that journey and the people who make it
possible everyday. It is only fitting that in telling our story we do so by Connecting Connecticut.

Article by Zachary J. Duda