garden questions

Gardening Questions?


Have a question about your garden or landscape? Want to know which insect is chewing your shrubs, or what the spots on your tomatoes are? Interested in native plantings or attracting wildlife? Or do you want to start a garden, but don’t know where to start?

Your local UConn Extension Master Gardener volunteers are available to help.

UConn Extension Master Gardeners are committed gardeners who have received special horticultural training from Extension educators and specialists and provide free diagnostics and cultural information to home gardeners.  Throughout the growing season these volunteers hold office hours in the local UConn Extension offices and are often at area farmer’s markets and other public events.

Office hours vary by county. Check for your local office’s hours.

Home Horticulture


Did you know, the University of Connecticut Home and Garden Education Center offers useful information on many gardening topics? Our horticultural information focuses on growing great plants, healthy lawns and controlling pest problems, all with minimal environmental impact.

Numerous fact sheets are available on the Home and Garden Education Center website.

If your problem is not covered by the fact sheets, email or call us at 877-486-6271.