Women in Livestock Business: Marketing for Profit [Online]

New England Women in Livestock Business Winter Virtual Conference

Want to fine-tune your marketing and financial management skills and build a more resilient livestock farm business? Join us for three afternoons in February to learn, network, and share ideas with regional specialists and fellow women livestock farmers. This conference is intended for New England women livestock producers of all experience levels. Breaks and opportunities to network will be provided throughout the day and sessions will be recorded and shared. This is all for free, all you have to do is register.  Link to join the meeting will be sent upon registration.

Tuesday, Feb. 2. 12-3 pm. Mind Your Business: On the first day, we’ll kick-off with a Keynote and dig into details about financial management, learn how to analyze and use your records to make decisions, how to successfully work and talk with grant and loan agencies, and break out your numbers to gain tips to analyze the profitability of your products.

  • Keynote Speaker Author, Consultant, Coach, Rebecca Thistlethwaite: “This Is Our Moment: How Small & Mid-Scale Livestock Producers Can Thrive in 2021”

Wednesday, Feb. 3. 12-3 pm. Strengthen Your Markets: On day two we’ll discuss ideas for how you can strengthen, pivot, or develop your marketing plan. How are you communicating with customers in a virtual world? What strategies have you developed to target your customers, tell your story, and get your products to people? What can we do to amplify quality products, from the farm to the table?

  • Matt Leroux, Agriculture Marketing Consultant: “Strategic Marketing”, learn how a focused strategy and specific efforts can reduce your marketing labor needs and make every step count.
  • Dahlia Dill, Chandler Pond Farm, VT: “What works for you? Communication Through Social Media”

Thursday, Feb. 4. 12-3 pm. Innovation and Collaboration: We’ll focus on innovative ways producers in the region have successfully found their niche for selling meat and milk. We’ll also discuss some of the challenges producers have faced in 2020 in marketing their products and how collaborating for cooperative marketing might work in favor of the typical New England livestock producer. Day three will be closed with a final Keynote to send participants home with motivation and food for thought.

  • Producer Panel: Innovative Ways to Sell Meat and Milk
  • Producer Panel: Collaborating for Cooperative Marketing

Demand for local livestock products is booming this year, don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a look at your business and see how you can better attain your financial goals through strategic marketing that is suited to your business.

When you register for this conference, you will be eligible to participate in part-three of the New England Women in Livestock Business which includes field days in the spring/summer to see other New England farms who are selling in innovative ways and producing top-quality products using sustainable practices,  meet your fellow participants, and learn how you can strengthen your livestock farm business to also be resilient and sustainable!


This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28588.  This program is in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension, UVM Extension, UMaine Cooperative Extension, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, and The Tri-State SARE Project.

Cost: Free!

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Support for the Aquaculture Industry

Marc Harrell
Marc Harrell, manager of Mystic Oysters, checks on brood stock at the Noank Shellfish Cooperative on Thursday. Although most of the co-op is shut down, the brood stock tanks had to be maintained. “This is our future, so we have to keep this going,” Harrell said. Judy Benson / Connecticut Sea Grant

Sales revenue for Connecticut aquaculture producers fell an average of 93 percent in February and March compared to the same period in 2019, and 70 percent of the workforce employed in shellfish, seaweed and finfish farming operations have been laid off due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are some of the findings of a preliminary summary of a survey of Connecticut’s aquaculture producers. It was conducted by Connecticut Sea Grant, UConn Extension and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to assess impacts of the pandemic on the industry and inform assistance plans. Sea Grant, the Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are using the list of specific actions recommended by the respondents to design the most effective means of providing short- and long-term assistance, including grants and loans.

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School of Business Partnership Strengthens Extension

Extension brings the research of the land-grant university to communities statewide. Other departments at UConn are helping Extension grow and impact new audiences with the research and resources they produce. We have built a partnership with the Department of Marketing in the School of Business that has transformed the marketing initiatives of UConn Extension, and strengthened our brand.

Our partnership started with a branding workshop presented by Robin Coulter, Professor and Head of the Department of Marketing. Jane Gu, Associate Professor of Marketing conducted a follow up workshop on digital marketing.

Extension educators completed an exercise on the importance of their programs prior to the fall 2017 Extension meeting. Responses were used to create a new mission statement for UConn Extension: UConn Extension is on a collaborative journey. We co-create knowledge with farmers, families, communities, and businesses. We educate. We convene groups to help solve problems. Join us.

Summer interns in 2017 and 2018 have expanded our marketing capacity by developing initiatives and campaigns to increase awareness of Extension, building off of the previous work. Groups of digital marketing students in the School of Business chose Extension as their class project for the spring 2018 semester. Students in the undergraduate class focused on marketing UConn 4-H. The MBA students created a lifelong learning campaign for Extension that ties multiple program areas together.

The scope of work accomplished in a one semester course can be limited. Faculty in the Department of Marketing shifted the honors thesis for senior marketing students into a yearlong project with Extension. The class conducted research in the fall 2018 semester, and is currently developing and implementing a campaign to market Extension to UConn students.

Our partnership with the Department of Marketing has allowed us to increase the impact of UConn Extension, and raise awareness of the programs and opportunities available. Audiences that we are reaching were previously unfamiliar with Extension. We appreciate the opportunities that our partners in the School of Business provide to market Extension and grow our impact across Connecticut.

By Stacey Stearns