plant disease diagnosis

Coming Soon: New Plant Diagnostic App!

Have you ever wondered what was wrong with a plant in your yard or garden?  UConn Plant Diagnostician Joan Allen has collaborated with diagnostic labs at other universities to develop an app for diagnosis of plant problems.  The project, led by Purdue University, has been in the works since fall of 2012 and the app will be available in the next couple of months for the iphone and ipad.


Users select which diagnostic lab they would like to submit samples to, fill out relevant information and submit up to six digital images to be sent to the diagnostician via email.  In addition to Purdue, other participating universities include University of New Hampshire, Ohio State University, Auburn University, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, and Michigan State University.   All types of plants and plant problems can be submitted.  Currently there is no charge for image diagnosis at UConn.   Images can be submitted for plant or insect identification and for disease diagnosis.

Physical plant samples may be requested if a diagnosis or identification cannot be made from the submitted images and information.  For plant problem diagnosis or plant or insect identification, images can also be submitted via the UConn Home & Garden Education Center’s email without using an app.   Questions on gardening, house plants, or insect pests?  Call the UConn Home & Garden Education Center at (877)486-6271 (toll free in Connecticut) or use the above email address.  For home and garden fact sheets and information on soil testing, sending plant samples, and the UConn Master Gardener program and classes, check out the website at