Connecting Connecticut: Our Podcast Answers Your Questions

faucet with running water
Photo: Kara Bonsack

Have you ever asked yourself if it is safe to drink tap water? Or how do I store and handle cheese? Maybe you were wondering what is the best way to put mulch around my tree? All these questions and so many more can be answered looking no further than the UConn Extension program in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. 

Finding this information has never been easier thanks to the restart of the Connecting Connecticut Podcast, a podcast with the goal of informing all Connecticut residents about the opportunities, information and research found within the UConn Extension and our programs. 

Stay tuned for our new Mini-Series: Connecting Connecticut|Sea Grant, take a dive with us into the Connecticut coast and all the work our Sea Grant educators are doing. Taking on climate resilience, improving fishing techniques and exploring the robust shellfishing industry. 

You can listen to all episodes on our Spotify channel at s.uconn.edu/extension-podcast.

COVID-19 & Social Capital Resources

man sitting at an Apple computerUpdated COVID-19 Resources from CDC:

CDC has a new Toolkit for Young Adults: 15 to 21 that includes easy to read FAQ’s, fact sheets, infographics, PSA’s, social media messages, and videos. The webpage contains a Coronavirus Self-Checker with questions to help individuals determine if they need to seek medical care. Compiled mental health resources are also published on the Support For Teens and Young Adults webpage to include COVID-19 prevention messages along with contact information for disaster, domestic violence, child abuse, and suicide prevention services. We have identified these resources to be particularly useful for youth.gov’s efforts in communicating with youth. In addition, on the Toolkit for K-12 Schools, programs can find updated social media messages, posters, and videos on how to properly wear face masks, appropriately practice social distancing, and safely manage youth sports.

Social Capital Resources from HHS/ASPE:

·         Virtual Training Series on the Value of Social Capital for Incarcerated/Reentering Populations: This training will offer concrete strategies for organizations working with incarcerated/reentering individuals to help them improve participant outcomes through building and leveraging the social capital of their participants. Webinar 3 will have a focus on youth mentoring and have speakers from OJJDP and Roca describing their work in this area.

·         Bi-weekly Tuesdays 2-3 p.m. EDT starting August 4, 2020, Register here: https://bit.ly/3e2C88M

·         Social Capital Considerations for the Incarcerated and Reentry Population: This issue brief summarizes six considerations for organizations working with incarcerated/reentering individuals who are interested in improving their participants’ outcomes through strengthening their individual social capital. The brief provides specific examples of how these action-oriented considerations are being implemented by four different organizations.

·         Networks that Work Podcast: This podcast features conversations with human services researchers and practitioners to better understand how to help program participants create and access social capital to improve their lives and outcomes.

On the Trail Podcast

Cary Chadwick

Did you know that the CT Trail Census is starting a podcast? Well they are! It is called “On the Trail” and each week they focus on a different path having to do with trails and nature in Connecticut. This week’s episode features an interview with Cary Chadwick, a geospatial educator, about how to find the right trail for you. Check us out at s.uconn.edu/extension-podcast every Friday at 12pm!

Article by Neva Taylor