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2021 Tri-State SARE Webinar Series

2021 Tri-State SARE Webinar Series – Improving Pasture Management for Sustainable Livestock Production

The first webinar in the series is next Friday, February 19th!

Register here:

The link to access the webinar will be sent a few days in advance of the webinar. If you have previously registered and no longer plan to attend, please contact Rachel Bespuda with any questions

Certificate of Participation

This 2021 Program will offer a Certificate of Participation issued through the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, Department of Extension.

To be eligible for the certificate:

1. A participant will attend all four grazing plan webinars (February – April)

2. A participant will also do at least one of the following:

a. Attend one of the 2021 summer field training webinars

b. Have a one-on-one follow-up conversation about your participation in the program, what you have learned, or what more guidance you would like with one of the program staff: Rachel Bespuda, Jean King or Sam Corcoran

*Participants need to attend the live webinars (rather than preview the recording) in order to be eligible for the certificate.

2021 Tri-State SARE Project Webinar Series information