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Survival 101: The Science of Survival

science of survival

On June 1st, The Middlesex county 4-H Advisory Committee presented Survival 101 – The Science of Survival.  This high energy and action packed workshop day included 10 different survival workshops focusing on the science and technology behind survival skills.

The workshops included: Shelter Engineering, Fire Building, Survival Communication, Wild Game and Fishing, Wilderness and Survival Skills – Who lives who dies and why?, Water Purification, Survival Packs, Orienteering and Wilderness First Aid.  Each presenter taught their sessions not only keying in on the essential skills and science for survival, but also how those essential skills equate to everyday life, the workplace and community.       Many instructors explained how these skills could be built into a career, and some even drew a parallel to military training.  Adults were encouraged to attend and sessions were held for them as well.


Special thanks need to go to our sponsors: Mountain Khakis, JHL Supply and Adventure Medical as well as Estela Wilderness Education.


Our Presenters were: Kevin Estela, Jim Dina, Linda Kauffman, Wayne Wright, Tremor Allen, Paul Rouleau, Alice Durinick, Ellen Day, Jim Smigel, Shirlon Smigel and Walter Squier.  Their combined knowledge base made for an outstanding day.

Planning Committee: Alice Durinick, Sue Dearborn, Beth McCabe, Kathy Naples, Ruth Naples, Paul Rouleau, Nancy Squier, Walter Squier, Joe Alger, Carlie Chapman  Staff: Emily McCabe Alger and Carol Birdsey