Hike Safe

family hiking
Photo: Hike Safe

From the Hike Safe website:

Wherever you hike, no matter what season or whether it’s a short hike or a multi-day trek,be safe:

Follow the Hiker Responsibility Code.

You are responsible for yourself, so be prepared:

    1. With knowledge and gear. Become self reliant by learning about the terrain, conditions, local weather and your equipment before you start.
    2. To leave your plans. Tell someone where you are going, the trails you are hiking, when you will return and your emergency plans.
    3. To stay together. When you start as a group, hike as a group, end as a group. Pace your hike to the slowest person.
    4. To turn back. Weather changes quickly in the mountains. Fatigue and unexpected conditions can also affect your hike. Know your limitations and when to postpone your hike. The mountains will be there another day.
    5. For emergencies. Even if you are headed out for just an hour, an injury, severe weather or a wrong turn could become life threatening. Don’t assume you will be rescued; know how to rescue yourself.
    6. To share the hiker code with others.

“Shape” Up On Your Winter Woodland Walk

Lori Ann Trovato, a UConn College of Agriculture and Natural Resources student posted these great ideas for enjoying your next winter woodland walk.

TrovatoAn unseasonably warm winter day has boosted your energy level and a woodland walk is in the course of events for the day. Surely a hike is great for shaping up, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity for “shaping” up the awesome leaf laden ground. (see the link to my other blogs in this Winter Woodland Walk series for more great Plant ID ideas for your walk at the end of this post).
A few 50 degree days in January with a course of hard rain inspired this posting. The rain washed away most blankets of snowy woodlots giving way to blankets of rusts, caramel and tan fallen leaves underfoot. I ventured out to the woods and was inspired by the vast array of leaf shapes scattered on the forest floor. Read more…